[openssl-users] Fwd: Itanium problem

John Foley foleyj at cisco.com
Fri Apr 17 12:59:50 UTC 2015

I'm impressed you were able to do a FIPS build for Windows x64.  I
didn't think this was possible.  ;-)

This looks like the hash that FINGERPRINT_premain() spits out when the
signature hasn't been embedded into the binary.  You may want to confirm
the signature is embedded during the build process.

On 04/16/2015 04:31 PM, Rongliang Lei wrote:
> I used Fips module 2.0.9 and OpenSSL 1.0.1M. It built fine in windows
> for x64,win32 and Itanium. However, it only runs fine for x64 and
> Win32. For Itanium system, my executable exits immediately right after
> it runs, and it generated with follow sequence
> "d375fa8a9fd9d8f90fede1f1a9e548132d63230f". I tried dynamic load the
> libeay32.dll  or ssleay32.dll. It has same problem. Any idea about
> this issue?
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