[openssl-users] evp test for CTR mode

klybzh22 at wifirst.net klybzh22 at wifirst.net
Wed Apr 22 09:28:06 UTC 2015


I played with autotest offered by openssl, more precisely 

Is there a way to test vectors tests from NIST SP800-38A for CTR mode 
(only vectors from RFC 3686 are taillable in evptests.txt).
I add the vectors in the files but the results are not the expected 
results. Is there a link with endianess? I read in the code (extract 
from /crypto/modes/ctr128.c) :

/* NOTE: the IV/counter CTR mode is big-endian.  The code itself
  * is endian-neutral. */

Maybe i have to modified IV before passing it to openssl?


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