[openssl-users] Compiling up 1.0.2e - missing files

ajs+openssl at aeschi.ch.eu.org ajs+openssl at aeschi.ch.eu.org
Thu Dec 3 16:31:09 UTC 2015

Anyone else seeing these two issues...

./Configure shared linux-elf


make test
This test will take some time....123456789ABCDEF ok
../util/shlib_wrap.sh ./randtest
test 1 done
test 2 done
test 3 done
test 4 done
make[1]: *** No rule to make target `bctest', needed by `test_bn'.  Stop.
make[1]: Leaving directory `/tmp/openssl-1.0.2e/test'
make: *** [tests] Error 2

test/bctest was part of 1.0.2d - it's missing in 1.0.2e.

Disregarding that, make install then yields this:

making all in tools...
make[1]: Entering directory `/tmp/openssl-1.0.2e/tools'
make[1]: Nothing to be done for `all'.
make[1]: Leaving directory `/tmp/openssl-1.0.2e/tools'
/bin/sh: ./pod2mantest: No such file or directory
installing man1/CA.pl.1
sh: --section=1: command not found
make: *** [install_docs] Error 1

Similarly, util/pod2mantest was part of the 1.0.2d distribution - missing 
in 1.0.2e.


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