[openssl-users] force to use /dev/random for openssl fips module

xxiao8 xxiao8 at fosiao.com
Wed Dec 9 04:25:42 UTC 2015

I don't know how critical is the DEVRANDOM for openssl-fips, in e_os.h I 
saw this:
#define DEVRANDOM "/dev/urandom","/dev/random","/dev/srandom"
we have a hardware RNG that is feeding /dev/random via:
/sbin/rngd -r /dev/hwrng -W 4000
so the /dev/random will never block, I thus change e_os.h to force usage 
of /dev/random(per our fips code reviewer's request, who thinks I need 
change that for fips):
#define DEVRANDOM "/dev/random"
this looks fine, however I don't know if it's really the right thing to 
do, after this change my system starts to have issues(silent reboot), 
changing this line back everything runs normally.

any help is appreciated.


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