[openssl-users] Result for "SigGen15_186-3.req" Test vector (RSA Signature Generation)

Mofassir Ul Haque mofassir_haque at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 9 06:05:24 UTC 2015

I am using OpenSSL version "1.0.2d-fips 9 Jul 2015". I am running OpenSSL test vectors (2015) using "fips_algvs fips_rsastest" for "SigGen931_186-3.req" , "SigGen15_186-3.req" and "SigGenPSS_186-3.req" to check conformance with FIPS PUB 186-4. After running test on request file, I am getting same response file for "SigGen15_186-3.req" (as provided by OpenSSL) and different reponse files for "SigGen931_186-3.req" and "SigGenPSS_186-3.req". However, all response files pass verification test if I run "fips_algvs fips_rsavtest" test.  Shouldn't all files be getting different response files because of use of RNG ? Are these results valid ? (I am getting different response files for NIST vectors)
Any help will be greatly appreciated ! Thanks,
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