[openssl-users] v1.1.0-pre1 - Trouble compiling with (1) no-threads and (2) no-psk no-srp

David Boulding davidboulding at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 27 02:41:58 UTC 2015

v1.1.0-pre1 on linux

(1) Compiling with "no-threads " gives error on lines 173 and 379 in async.c.

possible cause: async_fibre_makecontext() function

async_posix.h @ line 57: #if defined(OPENSSL_SYS_UNIX) && defined(OPENSSL_THREADS)

seems threads is required?

(2) Compiling with no-psk and no-srp gives error on line 1692 in statem_clnt.c

possible cause: with no-psk and no-srp nop'd out by #ifndef's above, line 1692 starts with "else if" instead of "if"

Neither of these errors occurred in 1.0.2e.
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