[openssl-users] Openssl verify command and c_rehash

Deepak dpb795795 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 4 08:23:47 UTC 2015


Can following behaviour be confirmed as expected?

OpenSSL verify test (test_verify) fails

c_rehash run using Cygwin. Run c_rehash on /path/to/certs/demo

Cmd -
openssl verify -CApath ../certs/demo ../certs/demo/*.pem

Cause -
Symbolic links (from hash.0 to file.pem) created by c_rehash when run with
Cygwin could not be read by OpenSSL.exe verify command.

Result -
Error 20: could read issuer certificate
OpenSSL.exe fails to establish certificate chain.

Workaround -
Modify c_rehash to use  MS API 'mklink'

Thank You.
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