[openssl-users] [openssl-dev] Proposed cipher changes for post-1.0.2

Viktor Dukhovni openssl-users at dukhovni.org
Tue Feb 10 21:46:46 UTC 2015

On Tue, Feb 10, 2015 at 09:15:36PM +0000, Salz, Rich wrote:

> I would like to make the following changes in the cipher specs, in the master branch, which is planned for the next release after 1.0.2
> Anything that uses RC4 or MD5 what was in MEDIUM is now moved to LOW

Note, that RC4 is already the only commonly used cipher-suite in MEDIUM.

Changing the definitions of EXPOR, LOW, MEDIUM introduces significant
compatibility issues for opportunistic TLS (e.g. Postfix) where
RC4 is still required for interop and is better than cleartext.

I have no issues with changing "DEFAULT", but would strongly prefer
to not see RC4 demoted to LOW.  Just define:


Which leaves from MEDIUM just SEED and IDEA:

    $ openssl ciphers -v 'MEDIUM:!aNULL:!MD5:!RC4'
    DHE-RSA-SEED-SHA        SSLv3 Kx=DH       Au=RSA  Enc=SEED(128) Mac=SHA1
    DHE-DSS-SEED-SHA        SSLv3 Kx=DH       Au=DSS  Enc=SEED(128) Mac=SHA1
    DH-RSA-SEED-SHA         SSLv3 Kx=DH/RSA   Au=DH   Enc=SEED(128) Mac=SHA1
    DH-DSS-SEED-SHA         SSLv3 Kx=DH/DSS   Au=DH   Enc=SEED(128) Mac=SHA1
    SEED-SHA                SSLv3 Kx=RSA      Au=RSA  Enc=SEED(128) Mac=SHA1
    IDEA-CBC-SHA            SSLv3 Kx=RSA      Au=RSA  Enc=IDEA(128) Mac=SHA1


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