[openssl-users] Grub troubles

Frans de Boer frans at fransdb.nl
Fri Feb 20 10:42:35 UTC 2015


I have a server running 12.3 and want to install on a different 
partition the newer 13.2 distribution. Alas, after installation I can't 
boot 12.3 anymore because of wrong references. Every time I install a 
fresh kernel I have to manually edit the grub.cfg files to get 12.3 
booted again.

I also want to install a third system (LFS) without having to manually 
edit grub.cfg every time.
So, is it possible to install the GRUB core image in a different 
partition and have the kernels be placed in the /boot directory of their 
respective partitions? Using this method I just need to chain to the 
relevant partition to start the local GRUB menu handler.

- Between MBR and first partition: GRUB bootloader.
- First partition: GRUB core and simple menu.
- Second partition contains swap space
- partitions 3..n Contain GRUB menu handlers and local linux kernels in 
local /boot dir.

I need local GRUB handlers because of preserving the kernel version as 
supported by openSuse and newer standard kernels with better or newer 
support modules.

Reading the GRUB 2.00 manual is not so helpful - to me - because of lack 
of unambiguous explanations or examples.

Any suggestions?

Regards, Frans.

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