[openssl-users] [Bulk] Build failure in 1.0.1k on Windows

Gisle Vanem gvanem at yahoo.no
Thu Jan 8 22:51:08 UTC 2015

Perrow, Graeme wrote:

> I just downloaded 1.0.1k and when trying to build it on Windows (using Visual Studio 10.0), I get a compile error:
> .\crypto\cversion.c(80) : error C2065: 'cflags' : undeclared identifier
> .\crypto\cversion.c(80) : warning C4047: 'return' : 'const char *' differs in levels of indirection from 'int'

(you should avoid such long lines).

'cflags' should be automatically generated by the util/mkbuildinf.pl
script and included via crypto/buildinf.h (which is included in cversion.c).
It's a total mess. Here, crypto/buildinf*.h looks like:

#ifndef MK1MF_BUILD
     /* auto-generated by util/mkbuildinf.pl for crypto/cversion.c */
     #define CFLAGS
      * Generate CFLAGS as an array of individual characters. This is a
      * workaround for the situation where CFLAGS gets too long for a C90 string
      * literal
     static const char cflags[] = {

         'c','o','m','p','i','l','e','r',':',' ',' ','"','-','D','O','P','E','N',
         'S','S','L','_','S','Y','S','N','A','M','E','_','W','I','N','3','2',' ',
         '-','D','_','W','I','N','3','2',' ','-','D','W','I','N','N','T',' ','-',
         'D','D','S','O','_','W','I','N','3','2',' ','-','D','O','P','E','N','S',


Nice and readable, no?


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