[openssl-users] Disable EXPORT cipher suites during compilation

pratyush parimal pratyush.parimal at gmail.com
Thu Jul 16 17:19:04 UTC 2015

Hi everyone,

I am trying to disable the EXPORT ciphers in my OpenSSL code, during

I'm able to do so at runtime by including '!EXP' in the string I use with
SSL_CTX_set_cipher_list(). However, I'm wondering is there an option (like
'no-rc5') that I can pass to Configure?

./Configure --help says that I can use no-<cipher> to disable stuff, so I
used no-exp, but I think that didn't work since the list of ciphers I get
from SSL_get_ciphers() still includes EXP-... ciphers.

So does anyone know of a way to compile them out?

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