[openssl-users] Size of OpenSSL ECDSA/DSA Implementation

Michaela Schoenbauer Michaela_Schoenbauer at gmx.at
Tue Jul 21 20:07:23 UTC 2015


I'm currently working on my Master thesis, and the topic is about ECDSA 
implementations and DSA implementations in the context of small embedded 

I'd like to try out OpenSSL but I'm not sure if I can configure it to be 
small enough for the embedded devices I use.
For my purpose a custom built of the library should exclude all SSL/TLS 
functionality and only include (a) ECDSA support and (b) DSA support in 
another built.

Does anyone know how small I can make the OpenSSL library? May the 
results be smaller than 10KB or which results can I expect?

If anyone already tried something similar or has some answers/hints I 
would be thankful.


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