[openssl-users] Sending files in SSL communication

Anirudh Raghunath anirudhraghunath at rocketmail.com
Wed Jul 22 11:22:41 UTC 2015

Hello all,
I have a ssl server client connection set up which I have written in C using sockets and openssl. I understand that I can attach a certificate of the server and send it to the client by attaching it to the SSL_CTX object. I used the SSL_CTX_use_certificate_file to do so. Now I can retrieve that certificate by using SSL_get_peer_certificate function on the client side. I also want to send a test( say a text file) from the server to the client for the client to sign it and send it back. What function do I use to do so? Is it similar to the way we attach certificates to the SSL_CTX? And how do I retrieve it on the client side?Thanks in advance.
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