[openssl-users] Unexpected error when I untar OpenSSL 1.0.2d

Matt Caswell matt at openssl.org
Mon Jul 27 21:21:07 UTC 2015

On 27/07/15 20:50, Pavneet Jauhal wrote:
> Hi All,
> When I attempt to untar OpenSSL 1.0.2d tar-ball, I get an unexpected
> failure.  Error looks something like this;
> openssl-1.0.2d/VMS/VMSify-conf.pl
> openssl-1.0.2d/VMS/WISHLIST.TXT
> tar: A lone zero block at 52140
> I only see this with GNU tar. 

GNU tar is stricter than other tar programs. It expects to see a double
zero block at the end of the tar file, and in this case there is only one.

This is caused by a bug in a program called tardy which we use during
the release process to clean up our tar files. Due to this problem we
have now dropped its use so (hopefully) this shouldn't happen again.

The error message is actually only a warning. The tar file should have
still extracted successfully. It is safe to ignore this.


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