[openssl-users] Do you use EGD or PRNGD?

Salz, Rich rsalz at akamai.com
Mon Jun 1 18:42:26 UTC 2015

Thanks for the info!

> it should be noted that a  networked variant of the EGD protocol has been used by at least one hardware RNG vendor, though I am unsure if the builtin EGD code in OpenSSL could ever talk directly to that variant anyway.

I don't think so, since all the code does is open a unix-domain socket.

> Two other platforms I can think of as potentially affected are Solaris 2.4+ without the /dev/random patch

Yeah, my inclination is to say "get the patch."

> and CE installations without MS CryptoAPI

The EGD code doesn't work on Windows; we use heap-walk to seed it there.

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