[openssl-users] External encryption chip and EC{DSA, DH} (with engine?)

Rémy Grünblatt remy.grunblatt at ens-lyon.fr
Wed Jun 3 05:32:34 UTC 2015

I have a custom external hardware encryption chip that can computes
some operations like the addition of two points, the inverse of one
point, etc.

I read that if I want to move some calculus from openssl to this
chip, Openssl engines are the way to go.

By defining a custom EC_METHOD, for example, I can just move the
inverse on the chip while keeping other functions "in openssl" (not
moving them). Still, how do I ask to my Engine to use this new
custom EC_METHOD  ?

I see functions like ENGINE_set_default_ECDSA, or
ENGINE_set_default_ECDH, but I don't want to change thoses, only the
underlying EC_METHOD which is "used" for calculus.

I do not know if it's clear, but what i'm searching for is a kind of
"ENGINE_set_default_EC_METHOD" which could be used by the tests from
ectest.c, for example.
Any idea ?

Thank you.
Rémy G.
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