[openssl-users] X509_STORE_free() and X509_LOOKUP_free() also frees the X509 certificates inside it

Nayna Jain naynjain at in.ibm.com
Wed Jun 10 03:22:05 UTC 2015

Hi all,

I am using X509_STORE and X509_LOOKUP to verify the certificate and its

But at the end when I do X509_STORE_free(store)  and X509_LOOKUP_free
(lookup), it is also doing free of the X509* certificate which I added.
But I don't want that, because after that when I immediately try to access
X509* certificate for further operation, then it results in core dump

And if I don't do X509_STORE_free() then it will leave the memory leak.

Let me know how to resolve this and if I misunderstood something.

Thanks & Regards,
Nayna Jain
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