[openssl-users] OpenSSL support on Solaris 11 (built on Solaris 10)

Valerie Fenwick valerie.fenwick at oracle.com
Tue Jun 16 17:07:42 UTC 2015

On 6/16/2015 12:21 AM, Atul Thosar wrote:
> ​Hi All,
>  From archives/google, I understood that the OpenSSL works/supported on Solaris
> 11 platform, but in our case, it's a bit different scenario.
> Currently, we build OpenSSL v0.9.8zc on Solaris 10 (SunOS, sun4u, sparc) and it
> works well on Solaris 10 platform. We use Sun Studio 12 compiler.
> We would like to run it on Solaris 11.2 (SunOS, sun4v, sparc) platform w/o
> changing the build platform. I mean we will continue to build OpenSSL on Solaris
> 10 and run it on Solaris 11.
> Has anyone encounter such situation?Appreciate any help/pointers if this
> mechanism will work?

Hi Atul

What Nico and Andy say are correct, but I would like to ask why you would be 
interested in doing this? As is well known, 0.9.8 will be end-of-life by the end 
of this year. Solaris 11.2 includes 1.0.1 with patches from 1.0.2 for SPARC 
hardware acceleration. 1.0.1 already included Intel AESNI hardware 
optimizations.  0.9.8 does not have those optimizations for either platform.

 From a support model, we only do regression testing with the versions of 
OpenSSL that we are shipping without operating system. As we know, many things 
on Solaris to depend on OpenSSL, like SunSSH. We cannot guarantee that the 
SunSSH that we are shipping on Solaris 11 will work and perform well on top of 
0.9.8, due to the lack of ABI compatibility that we had with OpenSSL itself 
between 0.9.8 and 1.0.0 (I do not offhand remember what those specific 
incompatibilities were).

For further information about the OpenSSL version we are shipping with Solaris 
11.2, see Misaki's blog:

So, while the general principle should work, your time is probably better 
invested in standardizing on 1.0.1.

Thank you,

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