[openssl-users] Windows Compile Fails

Jay Foster jayf0ster at roadrunner.com
Fri Jun 19 15:48:53 UTC 2015

On 6/19/2015 8:30 AM, Jay Foster wrote:
> On 6/18/2015 7:55 PM, Thomas J. Hruska wrote:
>> On 6/18/2015 4:46 PM, Jay Foster wrote:
>>> I'm new to building OpenSSL with Windows. I'm trying to build OpenSSL
>>> 1.0.2c for Windows, but get a linking error
>>> tmp32dll\x86cpuid.obj : fatal error LNK1112: module machine type 'X86'
>>> conflicts with target machine type 'x64'
>>> I googled for this error, but the solutions mention changing parameters
>>> in the VC Studio project, but I'm building from the command line with
>>> nmake.
>>> I'm configuring for 32-bit (perl Configure VC-WIN32 ...).  I think the
>>> Windows system I'm compiling on is a 64-bit OS.  I know I have built
>>> 32-bit applications on it in the past from VC Studio.  Is there some
>>> obvious fix?
>>> Jay
>> What Command Prompt are you running?  You have to use the correct 
>> "Native Tools" for the target hardware type.  If you are building 
>> VC-WIN32, then you are targeting 32-bit hardware and need to run the 
>> x86 Native Tools Command Prompt (not the x64 version).  You can't mix 
>> and match targets.
>> If you don't want to build it yourself, there are also prebuilt 
>> binaries and libraries.
> I tried again, but it then failed trying to compile an assembly file 
> (i586 something).  It complained about an unknown operand.
> I tried again adding "no-asm" to my configuration.  It seemed to 
> compile fine, but again failed at the link with several undefined 
> symbols:
> _OPENSSL_ia32cap_P, _OPENSSL_ia32_cpuid, _md5_block_asm_data_order, 
> _sha1_block_data_order, _sha256_block_data_order, and 
> _sha512_block_data_order.
> My goal is to obtain a static library(ies) and associated header files 
> that I can use to compile my application that uses OpenSSL on 
> Windows.  Where can I obtain these pre-built binaries?
> Jay
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I started over from a clean directory and the build completed.  On 
linux, I would end up with two libraries (libssl, libcrypto).  I don't 
see these on Windows in the out32dll directory.  Does Windows create 
different library names?  I'm looking for the equivalent static 
libraries for libssl and libcrypto to link with my application.


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