[openssl-users] How to verify a cert chain using Openssl command line?

David Li dlipubkey at gmail.com
Mon Jun 29 20:51:24 UTC 2015


As a test, I have created a rootCA, a subCA (signed by the rootCA) and
a client cert (signed by the subCA). Now I want to use verify,
s_client and s_server to test them together.

However I searched and tried a number of times but still unsure about
the correct syntax format in verify command. This is what I did:

cat rootCA.crt subCA.crt > caChain.crt

openssl -verbose -verify -CAflie caChain.crt clientCert.crt

openssl verify -CAfile caChain.crt client/clientCert.crt
client/clientCert.crt: C = US, ST = California, O = David's company,
CN = David's client cert, emailAddress = david.li at example.com
error 47 at 0 depth lookup:permitted subtree violation

However it seems my s_client and s_server test is OK:

I created a caChain by cancatenating rootCA and subCA together:

openssl s_server -cert server/serverComb.crt -www -CAfile caChain.crt -verify 3

where serverComb.crt = cat of serverCert and server key

openssl s_client -CAfile caChina.crt -cert client/clientComb.crt

where clientComb is  = cat of clientCert and clientKey

Anyone has any idea why verify command failed?


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