[openssl-users] Cross compiling openssl 1.0.1j for an imx53 ARM processor

amit.chaudhuri at bt.com amit.chaudhuri at bt.com
Thu Mar 5 10:16:39 UTC 2015


First attempt to cross compile openssl 1.0.1j for an imx53 ARM target. We use -march=armv7-a -mfpu=neon flags when compiling other libraries and our own apps. Looking at the Configure script the closest match I could find is linux-armv4 so my configure line is:

./Configure --prefix=<path> threads no-shared linux-armv4

I get repeated link errors citing undefined references to gcm_gmult_neon and gcm_ghash_neon. The offending code is in gcm128.c. I can see these symbols are defined in ghash-armv4.S but I don't understand why I'm in this position. Strong suspicion is that I've done something wrong. Are there special configure options that I am missing?


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