[openssl-users] How to make a rehandshake(renegotiation)?

Serj Rakitov rasjv at yandex.com
Tue Mar 10 13:53:25 UTC 2015

Nobody knows? 
Does OpenSSL support renegotiation? 
I will be very grateful for answers because there is no any info about this in the net.

09.03.2015, 00:36, "Serj Rakitov" <rasjv at yandex.com>:
> Hello
> I have client and server. Server is sending data to the client. Client is reading data.
> After some bytes sent server initiates a rehandshake to cause SSL_ERROR_WANT_WRITE on client. But there is no rehandshake. On server SSL_do_handshake returns <0 and SSL_get_error returns SSL_ERROR_WANT_READ. And on client SSL_read returns<0 and SSL_get_error also returns SSL_ERROR_WANT_READ.
> The code to rehandshake is:
> SSL_set_session_id_context(...);
> SSL_renegotiate(...)
> SSL_do_handshake(...);
> ssl->state=SSL_ST_ACCEPT;
> //process SSL_do_handshake (WANT_READ/WANT_WRITE)
> How to make a rehandshake from server side?

Best Regards,
Serj Rakitov

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