[openssl-users] What is the format for a parameter file (-paramfile option)?

Michael Stickles mas2 at grtbooks.com
Tue Mar 17 13:28:04 UTC 2015

I am attempting to generate keys using genpkey, with the RSA options 
specified in a parameter file:

openssl genpkey -paramfile keygen.params -out ftest.key -outform PEM

However, I'm constantly getting the following error:

Error reading parameter file keygen.params

I can't find any documentation or examples on what format the parameter 
file should be in. Can someone either provide an example of what the 
parameter file should look like, or point to me to one online? I'm not 
having any trouble getting it to work with the parameters specified on the 
command line, but for various reasons would like to have them in a file.

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