[openssl-users] FIPS: Problem building 1.0.1e: 'T' vs. 't'

jonetsu jonetsu at teksavvy.com
Tue Mar 17 17:03:28 UTC 2015

> From: "Dr. Stephen Henson" <steve at openssl.org> 
> Date: 03/17/15 12:28 

> What are the two platforms? That is what does:

First of all, I'm very, very sorry to have posted duplicates of the question.  The web-access email client is, was, a bit on the fuzzy side, stalling and reporting errors.

It turns out, at the end of much puzzling and searching, that the difference is in the Debian packaging.  The Debian folks have added some per-method version mechanism to be assured that the APIs are still compatible between OpenSSL number versions.  That mechanism does not recognize the FIPS renaming of some methods hence tags them as local.  We fixed that and it could be that the fix can be given to Debian as it should be transparent to non-FIPS OpenSSL Debian builds.

Again, sorry for the multiple posts !


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