[openssl-users] Error signing document

Dave Thompson dthompson at prinpay.com
Fri May 1 04:59:02 UTC 2015

> From: openssl-users On Behalf Of m.de.groot
> Sent: Thursday, April 30, 2015 14:46

> I converted the pfx file to a pem file using the following command
> openssl pkcs12 -in CustKeyIcBD001.pfx -out CustKeyIcBD001.pem -nodes
> After this I trying to sign a file using this key with the following
> openssl cms -sign -in TestfileIN.txt -out TestfileSign.tmp -outform DER -
> binary -nodetach -md SHA1 -signer CustKeyIcBD001.pem
> However I keep getting the message
> No signer certificate specified
If you have accurately copied your command to the email, you are using 
a  Windows-cp1252 "dash" character (hex code 96) not a hyphen (2D) 
for the -signer option. Use the classic traditional ASCII hyphen.

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