[openssl-users] PEM_read_bio_PrivateKey(..) or PEM_read_bio_RSAPrivateKey(..) both returns NULL

Nayna Jain naynjain at in.ibm.com
Sat May 2 02:36:43 UTC 2015


I have a privatekey file written using the call PEM_write_bio_RSAPrivateKey

The file write operation has been successful.

However, when i am trying to read it via calls PEM_read_bio_PrivateKey(..)
or PEM_read_bio_RSAPrivateKey(..) , it is always returning NULL.
There is no encryption also done . It i unencrypted private key. Can
someone help me to understand what might be wrong.

And the same is while reading public key also

Actually write operations are successful but read operations are not
successful, what I am might be missing?

Thanks & Regards,
Nayna Jain
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