[openssl-users] New kernel and Dracut

Frans de Boer frans at fransdb.nl
Mon May 4 14:33:10 UTC 2015

OK, I compiled a new kernel for the 13.2 release and was installing it. 
I have to manually copy bzImage and System.map because I do not use the 
make install which requires the perl-Bootloader to be available.

Before I just did mkinitrd -B and the initrd file was made. Now that is 
part of dracut and I can't create a new initrd file. The message log 
states that many modules are not supported - like "Module "raid1.ko" is 
not supported......". This is true because I did not compiled this as a 
module, but as a build-in.

My system is not booting because it is waiting for my drives to appear. 
The exact same config is used under 12.3 and of course working. Now with 
dracut I run into problems.

Any suggestions?
Regards, Frans

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