[openssl-users] Link errors openssl 1.0.2a with mingw-w64

Guido Seifert wargand at gmx.de
Tue May 5 08:39:49 UTC 2015

May I answer my own question? Problem solved (sort of). I did not have yasm installed.
Adding no-asm to ./Configure fixed the linker problem. Now trying to get yasm :-)


> Hi,
> I try to compile the latest openssl (1.0.2a) with Mingw-w64. The compiling part looks fine.
> If there only wasn't this nasty link problem at the end (see end of mail).
> I configured it with:
> ./Configure mingw64 shared --prefix=/usr/local
> My build environment and configuration cannot be that wrong, since it works with 
> version 1.0.1m. Ok, works except for the installation, but I can live without this
> step.
> Any ideas?
> Guido

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