[openssl-users] How do I uninitialize OpenSSL properly?

Jakob Bohm jb-openssl at wisemo.com
Tue May 12 16:43:38 UTC 2015

(Top posting to keep thread consistent).

It is also worth noting that if OpenSSL is used in a
plugin, which is unloaded (along with OpenSSL) and later
reloaded long before the container process is unloaded,
then "things that are only allocated once per OpenSSL
library lifetime" become very real memory leaks in that
container process.

On 30/04/2015 11:48, Newcomer83 at web.de wrote:
> According to the answer I received at 
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/29845527/how-to-properly-uninitialize-openssl 
> there is apparently a ticket with my problem out there already, namely 
> the one here: https://rt.openssl.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=2561 The 
> newest answer even references my thread.
> I know some people don't like removing memory leaks of objects that 
> get initialized only once and are being used until shutdown, but if 
> the solution Mat proposed really does the trick, I would really 
> appreciate it if someone(tm) could take the time to put this seemingly 
> small fix in the code.
> Cheers
> Alex
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> *Betreff:* Re: [openssl-users] How do I uninitialize OpenSSL properly?
> > Unfortunately this didn't solve my problem, but at least I narrowed 
> it down.
> > The leaks are caused by my call to "SSL_CTX_load_verify_locations", 
> which is
> > essentially "X509_STORE_load_locations".
> Doesn't freeing the SSL_CTX_free release that data? If not, please 
> file an RT ticket.


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