[openssl-users] compilation errors in openssl-1.0.1g\ssl\ssl_sess.cssl_sess.c

Zvi Vered veredz72 at gmail.com
Sun May 31 19:53:49 UTC 2015

Dear Members,

In the file ssl_ openssl-1.0.1g\ssl\ssl_sess.cssl_sess.c there are some 
routines that I do not understand their prototpye.

For example:

1. void SSL_CTX_sess_set_new_cb(SSL_CTX *ctx,  int (*cb)(struct ssl_st 
*ssl,SSL_SESSION *sess))

    Return value is void. First parameter is SSL_CTX *ctx. Second parametr 
is a function pointer. Am I right ?

2. int   (*SSL_CTX_sess_get_new_cb(SSL_CTX *ctx) )  (SSL *ssl, SSL_SESSION 

    Return value is a function pointer. First parameter is ssl, second is 
sess. Am I right ?

3. void SSL_CTX_sess_set_remove_cb(SSL_CTX *ctx,  void (*cb)(SSL_CTX 
*ctx,SSL_SESSION *sess))

4. void (*SSL_CTX_sess_get_remove_cb(SSL_CTX *ctx))(SSL_CTX * 
ctx,SSL_SESSION *sess)

I’m trying to compile those routines using diab compiler for vxworks6.3 and 
I have a syntax error.

BTW, using this compiler for vxWorks 6.9 (newer compiler) gives no syntax 

Can you help me understand the parameters of those routines ?

Best regards,

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