[openssl-users] Rehandshake problem

Ignacio Casal ignacio.casal at nice-software.com
Fri Nov 13 08:37:54 UTC 2015

Hey guys,

I am having a specific problem that I do not seem to find a solution for.

- I have a server and a client that handshake properly
- the server will read from the client and the client from the server a few
- the client will try to read again
- the server will try to handshake again by calling SSL_renegotiate and
SSL_do_handshake. I get no errors in these calls.
- then I would expect the client to exit from the read call with an error
saying that needs to handshake again, instead it stays blocked on the read
until the server sends some data. But then I get an error server side that
there was no proper handshaking.

Do you know how to get a notification client side that the client needs to
handshake again when blocked on a read or write?


Ignacio Casal Quinteiro
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