[openssl-users] openssl des-ede3-cbc does not match with Java one

David García garcia.narbona at gmail.com
Tue Nov 24 16:55:42 UTC 2015

I am sorry, I pasted an invalid key I was playing with to check some other
things. Next, the real key and now reading the value from a file instead
from echo (BTW I am using a linux terminal):

openssl enc -e -des-ede3-cbc -in myfile.txt -k
'b2aec78eb50e05f2a60b9efa20b82c903e6cad4f3bd2027b' -iv 00000000 -nosalt |
openssl enc -base64

myfile.txt (edited with vim) contains the string:


The value I get is:


meanwhile the one I am getting from Java and PHP examples is:



2015-11-24 16:28 GMT+01:00 Michael Wojcik <Michael.Wojcik at microfocus.com>:

> > echo 'text_to_cypher' | openssl enc -e -des-ede3-cbc -k
> 'b2aec78eb50e04f2a60b9efa20b82c903e3cad4f3bd2027g' -iv 00000000 -nosalt |
> openssl enc -base64
> That echo command will append a LF (x'0a') byte (if this is a conventional
> UNIX or Linux system, or Cygwin, etc, and you're running under one of the
> standard shells). Do you have that byte in the value of your "cleartext"
> variable in the Java code? You failed to supply that. (Also, the
> single-quote characters are unnecessary, unless you're running a very odd
> shell.)
> The value of the -k argument you're passing to "openssl enc" ends with
> "g", which is not a hexadecimal digit; the rest of the value appears to be
> hexadecimal. But it's not clear why you're using -k anyway. Perhaps you
> mean to use -K (uppercase K, with an actual hexadecimal argument)?
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> Michael Wojcik
> Technology Specialist, Micro Focus
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