[openssl-users] Problem building openssl with mingw

Евгений Желтоножский eabesea at rambler.ru
Sat Oct 17 20:12:23 UTC 2015

Hello everyone!

I'm trying to build openssl 1.0.1p with x64 mingw-w64 5.1.0.
I run

./Configure --openssldir=$PWD/dist shared mingw64 && make
CC=x86_64-w64-mingw32-gcc RANLIB=ranlib && make install

It's configured as needed and starts to compile. It compiles libcrypto. I get a
libcrypto.a in my openssl folder. But then I get following error:

touch: setting times of `lib': Permission denied

which prevents compile from continue. I'm running Windows 10.
What's the problem?


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