[openssl-users] Block Ciphers in XTS mode (AES-XTS)

Dr. Pala director at openca.org
Wed Apr 6 13:54:21 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I am trying to solve a particular problem related to provide random 
access to encrypted files. AFAIK, I have two options. The first is to 
use CRT mode (read only) and the second is to use XTS (read and write).

Since I have never used the XTS mode before, does anybody have 
experience in using the XTS support in OpenSSL ? Do you have any 
particular recommendations for key re-usage in this case (i.e., shall I 
use one key per file or can I re-use the same key for different files) ?

Any examples that can guide me through the implementation effort ?


Massimiliano Pala, PhD
Director at OpenCA Labs
twitter: @openca

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