[openssl-users] Anyone willing or able to rescue the Ubsec engine?

Vincent Bentley vincent.bentley at du3.co.uk
Wed Apr 20 23:08:30 UTC 2016

Thanks Matt,

I am pleased that ubsec is still in 1.0.2 and hopefully those systems
that I am tied to that are currently using 1.0.1 don't leapfrog 1.0.2
into 1.1.0 before I am ready.

I have a couple of busy months ahead but I will try to get a dedicated
Jenkins box built on that spare PE840 with the Broadcom hardware in and
start getting familiar with the code.


On 20/04/16 22:34, Matt Caswell wrote:
> The good news is that support remains within the 1.0.2 version. Since
> 1.0.2 is a Long Term Support release, this means that a version of
> OpenSSL will support ubsec until 31st December 2019.
> If you must have it work in 1.1.0 and beyond then there is no reason why
> you could not support this engine yourself in an external repo and have
> it work with 1.1.0. I wouldn't think it would be that hard to do. Just
> extract the code in the state that it was in at the point that the above
> commit removed it. You will probably need to do some tweaks to get it to
> build with subsequent changes (a number of structures have gone opaque
> since then which probably means some adjustments will be needed). I can
> give you some pointers with what needs to be done if that is the case.
> Then you just need to build it as a .so and drop it into the
> OPENSSL_ENGINES directory.
> Matt

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