[openssl-users] missing symbolic links under include directory

Tim Culhane tim.j.culhane at gmail.com
Thu Apr 21 07:06:56 UTC 2016

Hi all,

My company makes calls to functions in the openssl source and thus includes
header files defined in the openssl library.

Typically these header files were gathered together in a simgle place, under
include/openssl by way of symbolic links to the real header file locations.

At present I'm updating the version of openssl our products used from 1.0.1g
to 1.0.2g, the latest stable release.

I noticed that when I unpacked the source code for openssl 1.0.2g that there
were no symbolic links under the include/openssl directory.

These were present in versions of openssl as late as 1.0.1q.

>From looking through the mailing list archive, I believe this was a
deliberate change in how openssl is packaged. Is this correct?

It appears that the configure or config script now needs to be run followed
by make depend in order to regenerate the symbolic links.

My issue is that our products check out the openssl source from a local git
repository and the products build on both linux and sparc.

Therefore, if I commit the latest openssl source code to our git repository
it must already contain the symbolic links required.

If I run config or configure followed by make depend before committing the
source code to git, will I be generating any operating specific files or

In other words, if I do config on sparc followed by make depend and then
commit the source to git, would there be any issues when I later checked out
files from git and built them on linux?

Many thanks for any clarification you can provide.


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