[openssl-users] Illegal Parameter (47) fatal error in Session Resumption

Shubham Chauhan shubham13099 at iiitd.ac.in
Fri Apr 29 06:48:42 UTC 2016

While working on different ways of session management I came across this

I had a single file consisting of a recently negotiated SSL session (stored
using PEM_write_SSL_SESSION()).
I used that text file to initialize the Client Hello message with that
session_id. I also added the session_id from the file, to the context on
the server side, so that a session resumption based on the stored
session_id could take place.
Well, the idea was to use a previously negotiated session id, from both
ends, i.e. client (through client hello) and server (reciprocating through
server hello).
I ensured using the same protocol at all levels, i.e. SSLv3.

The Client Hello got successfully initialized by the session_id.
The next message was a "Server Hello, Change Cipher Spec, Encrypted
Handshake Message" which also responded with the same session id.
The third message a fatal error message => (Level: Fatal (2), Description:
Illegal Parameter (47))

I don't understand why the error popped up. Previously I have run tests, to
reuse a session stored from a file (server-side), which worked fine.

Shubham Chauhan
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