[openssl-users] Checking certificate validity using engine

Matea Pejčinović Matea.Pejcinovic at asseco-see.hr
Wed Aug 17 11:59:50 UTC 2016


First, i would like to apologize if his is not the right mailing list for my question.
I am working on an engine implementation that should provide a
functionality for checking if certificate is valid. As far as I could
understand, an engine can have its own implementation of RSA methods,
such as those for encryption and decryption, RSA signing etc. Taking
this into account, I cannot find the way to implement method for
certificate verification. I am refering to steps in the engine
initialization and binding method, similarly to ENGINE_set_RSA(). I
realized that there is ENGINE_set_STORE() method but I don't really
understand how it should be used and is this method the one I should
use at all. Any help would be appreciated...


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