[openssl-users] _armv7_tick undefined instruction error

Lee Rock rocklee_104 at outlook.com
Fri Aug 19 02:26:53 UTC 2016

Hi, all:
    When I specify "user_debug=31" in kernel cmdline, I get undefined instruction error.
And I figured it out that PC pointed at "mrc p15,0,r0,c9,c13,0". I know this instruction is used
to get CPU tick. Unless PMUSERENR(Performance Monitors User Enable Register) is set, 
this instruction is not allowed to execute in user mode.
	I wonder why openssl use this instruction in user mode, as PMUSERENR is not set by default.
BTW, My architecture is ARM v7, kernel is 3.18, openssl 1.0.1.

Rock Lee

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