[openssl-users] Transmit on a specific nic

Fredrik Nilsson afredrikn at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 10:03:04 UTC 2016


I am having trouble getting my application to send out DTLS packets on a
specific  nic/vlan.

My application needs to bypass the local routing table and force packets to
go out via a specified nic. The way I do it in plaintext mode is to simply
bind the output socket to that specific nic which works well.

So before I call SSL_new() and BIO_new_dgram() I do a bind() on the socket
so the transmitted packets should be forced to go out on a specific nic
instead of handing over that decision to the local routing table.

But no luck for me, the packets still go out the way that are specified in
the routing table when I use OpenSSL.

Any thoughts around where this might go wrong is greatly appreciated.

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