[openssl-users] Sequential / parallel OpenSSL sessions with Async

Nicolas Brunie nicolas.brunie at kalray.eu
Wed Aug 31 12:17:40 UTC 2016

Hi All,    I have been playing around with OpenSSL ASYNC JOB and an 
asynchronous offloading engine and a stupid question came to mind:
It is not possible to make several parallel/pending calls to SSL_read 
(or SSL_write) on a single SSL* object (with different output/input 
buffers) so that multiple offloading operation can be done in parallel 
(on a single SSL object).
   I am quite new to TLS but it may seem that you can not enqueue 
multiple calls to the same SSL_<method> until the first one called has 
returned (in the sens completely finished and not just return an 
SSL_ERROR_WANT_ASYNC), it that so ?

best regards,
Nicolas Brunie

SSL* obj = ... /* accept and init  */ int err = SSL_read(obj, buf0, 
if (err < 0 && SSL_get_error(obj, err) == SSL_ERROR_WANT_ASYNC) {...}/* 
pending buf0 crypto but go on */
/* the following is illegal if I have not called back SSL_read(obj, 
buf0, READ_SIZE) and it
  * has returned with completion (no want async error), right ? */
SSL_read(obj, buf1, READ_SIZE);

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