[openssl-users] MinGW64 / MSYS2 and ./Configure : use of Windows style path causing failures to 'make'

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Tue Dec 27 15:19:53 UTC 2016

From: Jeffrey Walton <noloader at gmail.com>
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> http://stackoverflow.com/q/40948353/608639
In my original note, I explained that I'd done something similar to what the above stackoverflow.com entry suggested:
....>> I did edit the first Makefile above to :
>>    1. Change the base PERL to "C:/msys64/mingw64/bin/perl.exe", *and*
>>    2. crypto/include/internal/bin_conf.h.in > crypto/include/internal/bin_conf.h
>> The above worked, but *only* for that line of the make file (as I expected).
>>ADDENDUM<< Changing PERL to "C:/mysys64/mingw64/bin/perl.exe" in the top level Makefile was sufficient, even the second action correctly called perl.exe.

The real issue is with the "\" in the paths for all the *.h files (there are many of these in each Makefile, too numerous to hand edit).  I can't just find / replace all "\", this will create new issues where the Makefile needs the "\" as it is.
I can't imagine the Makefiles use the "\" in the paths when Configure'd for a Unix (Linux) system, there should be a way to modify the Configure Perl script to use Unix paths when compiling for "mingw64" systems, but I've yet to find it in the Configure code.... 

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