[openssl-users] downgrading openssl

Fateme Hajikarami fateme.hajikarami at gmail.com
Wed Dec 28 07:26:33 UTC 2016

I need some help about downgrading my openssl, I know it is not usual to
use old version, but I want to use SCAPI library (a cryptographic library)
and they use 1.0 version.
I have openssl v1.1.1 on my ubuntu.
when I tryied to install it by apt-get (telling the specific version),
there were some errors because version 1.0 is not in repositories now, when
I tried to install it from source, everything seems well, but when i check
the version of my openssl, it's still 1.1.1 !
Would you please give me some help with this?

Fateme Hajikarami, M.Sc.
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Isfahan University of Technology
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