[openssl-users] Help with M2Crypto on Windows?

Matěj Cepl mcepl at cepl.eu
Tue Feb 2 17:04:46 UTC 2016


I am the crazy guy who decided to continue in maintenance of 
M2Crypto when everybody else wisely (?) left the ship.  
Unfortunately (for M2Crypto), I am a Linux guy, so while I have 
finally gave up and installed Windows X in VM, I am really lost 
in the Windows APIs and we have currently M2Crypto released 
which doesn't even build on Windows.

The official upstream repo for M2Crypto is now on 
https://gitlab.com/m2crypto/m2crypto/ and I have this merge 
request https://gitlab.com/m2crypto/m2crypto/merge_requests/26 
where I am trying to make things working.

I have managed to make CI on Appveyor working for me, but still 
even the build fails (not mentioning I haven't run the tests on 
Windows ever).

Is there anybody here who would be willing and able to help with 
fixing problems of M2Crypto on Windows?

Also, if anybody else is willing to help with issues we have, 
I would hugely appreciate it and you would increase your karma 
on project which is suprisingly popular and widly used.  Aside 
from Windows people I am looking for somebody who would be 
willing to help with maintenance on Macs. It is at least Unix so 
we have POSIX APIs there, but still intricacies of brew and 
weird Apple policies on providing non-working header files for 
non-existent libraries (at least that's my feeling from their 
stance on OpenSSL) baffles me.

Thank you for any help,


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