[openssl-users] Compilation with both options "no-comp" and "zlib" fails

Axel Luttgens axel.luttgens at skynet.be
Wed Feb 10 16:27:24 UTC 2016


According to this thread:


it would make sense to execute Configure with both "no-comp" and "zlib" options.

If I understand correctly, this would avoid to have the openssl library to use compression for SSL/TLS by default while still having compression available for other purposes (for example, the command line tools).

However, using both options leads to a failure here (please see details for openssl-1.0.2f at the end of this message).

So, first of all, does it really make sense to configure with both options? Or am I just plain wrong with my understanding of, for example, the INSTALL file, the comments at the beginning of Configure, the reasonings in above thread?

Otherwise, perhaps am I missing an obvious step in my configure/build attempts?


Configuring for darwin64-x86_64-cc
   no-comp         [option]   OPENSSL_NO_COMP (skip dir)
   no-gmp          [default]  OPENSSL_NO_GMP (skip dir)
   no-jpake        [experimental] OPENSSL_NO_JPAKE (skip dir)
   no-krb5         [krb5-flavor not specified] OPENSSL_NO_KRB5
   no-libunbound   [experimental] OPENSSL_NO_LIBUNBOUND (skip dir)
   no-md2          [default]  OPENSSL_NO_MD2 (skip dir)
   no-rc5          [default]  OPENSSL_NO_RC5 (skip dir)
   no-rfc3779      [default]  OPENSSL_NO_RFC3779 (skip dir)
   no-sctp         [default]  OPENSSL_NO_SCTP (skip dir)
   no-shared       [default] 
   no-ssl-trace    [default]  OPENSSL_NO_SSL_TRACE (skip dir)
   no-ssl2         [option]   OPENSSL_NO_SSL2 (skip dir)
   no-store        [experimental] OPENSSL_NO_STORE (skip dir)
   no-unit-test    [default]  OPENSSL_NO_UNIT_TEST (skip dir)
   no-zlib-dynamic [default] 
cms_cd.c:131:20: warning: implicit declaration of function 'BIO_f_zlib' is invalid in C99
   return BIO_new(BIO_f_zlib());
enc.c:468:28: warning: implicit declaration of function 'BIO_f_zlib' is invalid in C99
       if ((bzl = BIO_new(BIO_f_zlib())) == NULL)
Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64:
 "_BIO_f_zlib", referenced from:
     _enc_main in enc.o
     _cms_CompressedData_init_bio in libcrypto.a(cms_cd.o)
ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture x86_64

And indeed, file openssl.conf is built with:
	# define OPENSSL_NO_COMP 
Moreover, both files cms_cd.c and enc.c have:
	# include <openssl/comp.h>
so that the definition of BIO_f_zlib() can’t be found.
And it appears that "comp" is removed from the SDIRS variable.

Playing very dangerously, that is:
	manually adding comp to SDIRS
		#if defined ZLIB || not defined OPENSSL_NO_COMP
it seems that make succeeds.
Dangerously, because I just don’t know what I am doing, what side-effects I am very likely introducing. ;-)

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