[openssl-users] Configure and config in openssl source folder

cloud force cloud.force858 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 20:23:41 UTC 2016

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to build FIPS capable OpenSSL as an Ubuntu 12.04 package.

>From the OpenSSL doc it mentioned we need to do ./config fips in order to
build openssl under tips mode. I tried that and it worked well.

Now I am building the OpenSSL FIPS as a Ubuntu package. I noticed the
package manager meta script use the Configure (instead of config script)
under the openssl source folder.

I was wondering should I also do "Configure fips", if I use the Configure
script to configure the source tree? What's the relationship between config
and Configure scripts?

Or should I just run ./config fips first and then let the package manager
script to run Configure?

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