[openssl-users] ciphers

mlrx openssl.org at 18informatique.com
Wed Feb 17 05:29:43 UTC 2016

Le 12/02/2016 19:15, mlrx a écrit :
> Hello !
> I have some questions that I don't find answers by myself,
> even after read the cookbook and a lot of web pages.
> To be honest, I'm not really sure it's a problem but I
> need to verify.
> Ok. I am setting up web server to host a critical java application.
> There is Apache in front of Tomcat and I want to enforce connections
> over https only with higher ciphers from TLS 1.2.
> [...]
> Best regards,

Hello !

I have asked stupid questions or it isn't the right way to ask for
advices ? What's happening ?


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