[openssl-users] BN_exp

Philippe Levesque p_levesque555 at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 15 15:05:09 UTC 2016


I wanted some input on a problem. I need to use bn_exp for some big calculation but I hit a limit where it take age to get a result (after two day I stopped the process). I tried for fun to run a bn_mod_exp and it took 2 seconds.  

The manpage state that;

BN_exp() raises a to the p-th power and places the result in r ("r=a^p"). This function is faster than repeated
applications of BN_mul().

BN_mod_exp() computes a to the p-th power modulo m ("r=a^p % m"). This function uses less time and space than

Is there a tip there to get the exp result from bn_mod_exp ? or to optimize bn_exp ? 



nb. Sorry if the question might have been answered in the past, I didn't find any way to search the mailing-list's archive.
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