[openssl-users] How to access some simple conversion functions - asn1_time_to_tm

Nounou Dadoun nounou.dadoun at avigilon.com
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That actually worked reasonably smoothly, the only thing that I have to fix now is that it's obviously taking the time zone into account - is there a way of telling it to do everything in UTC?

And I still don't see any programmatic way of accessing whether a key usage is "critical" or not.

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On Mon, Jan 18, 2016, Nounou Dadoun wrote:

> Hi folks,
> I'm trying to do some simple conversions (I need to push some certificate data across a soap interface).
> I'm trying to do an ASN1 time conversion to tm (and eventually time_t but tm would be fine).

The equivalent of time_t is easier. If you use the function ASN1_TIME_diff you can find the difference in days and seconds between two ASN1_TIME structures so if you set one to the epoch you can then convert the result to time_t.
You have to be careful the result doesn't overflow the local time_t.

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