[openssl-users] Integrating OpenSSL FIPS modules with languages like Python and PHP

security veteran security.veteran at gmail.com
Tue Jan 19 02:31:18 UTC 2016

Hi All:

We will be using OpenSSL FIPS modules on our Linux appliances and we
have some Python and PHP applications which need to invoke crypto related
functionalities provided by OpenSSL.

I was wondering has anyone integrated Python and PHP with OpenSSL FIPS

Since for each application which need to use OpenSSL FIPS modules, the
application need to invoke the FIPS_mode_set () API in its process space.
To me it sounds like the FIPS_mode_set  function needs to be invoked from
within the Python and PHP interpreter processes, which means we need to
modify the Python or PHP interpreter make make them invoke the FIPS_mode_set()
API when needed. Does that sound like the right thing to do, or is there
any better way for doing this?

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